Welcome to the Gratitude Community. Check out the button above to go to Holy Experience and learn all about the community. On this page I will list my Intentional Thanks ...One Thousand Gifts ...and many more.


* The moon ...it's beauty, light, and a secret in my heart...
* God's word ...it keeps me lifted up and also grounded.
* A great doctor's report for my sister.
* Words...I normally have too many in my head. But I am so grateful I can speak them, hear them and write them.
* The sound snow makes when it crunches under my foot.
* My Granny ...who is now in heaven. The way she loved my had an impact.
* Scented magic markers...I truly love to smell things.
* Hand written letters ...they're as good as a hug.
* Second chances... they don't always present themselves, but sometimes they do ...and it just might be better than the first chance.
* That Jesus shows up in the strangest places.


* I can hear my daughter make beautiful music on the piano.
* Sweet Orphan Kisses
* The Wind - where I so often find Him.
* The sound a wave makes as it rolls over itself and races to the sand.
* That God loved ME so much that He sent His only Son so that I might have eternal life  with Him.
* Homemade chicken noodle soup
* Ahhh...the colors of Fall.
* Redemption
* His Grace ...my words can't describe.
* The comfort of a real friend's companionship.